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Right Relief Health is a practice based on fostering unique and individualized care by Dr. Dennis C. Doherty and staff. Encompassing multiple medical sub-specialties, Right Relief provides more than your average doctor's visit. We firmly believe in ensuring your personal comfort at each and every visit with the provision of the right care at the right time to better your overall quality of life. 



Dennis C. Doherty has been the author or co-author, served on multiple committees and aided in the foundation of medical policy  throughout his career. below are just a few examples and references of the work he has done. 


Dr. Dennis Doherty and Dr. Douglas Talbott hand-delivered the above publication to The Federation of State Medical Boards, also known as the FSMB, in Texas. The FSMB is an organization that provides representation for 70 Medical Boards in the United States, providing physicians and the government with resources and much more.  After presenting Problem Physicians: A National Perspective, The FSMB adopted this as actual policy. While updated since its original release, this work of literature serves as the foundation for guidelines used throughout the country. 


As per The American Society of Addiction Medicine:

Distinguished Fellows are chosen based upon outstanding and long sustained     demonstration of top-ranking competence in the field of addiction medicine, exceptional professionalism, consummate integrity, demonstrated service, significant contribution, and noted leadership. Fellows are strong advocates of the field and they promote sustained service, contribution and leadership advocating professionalism.

They employ the DFASAM designation after their names as a mark of distinction and to provide a description of their unique position. The designation represents "Distinguished Fellow, American Society of Addiction Medicine"

Dr. Doherty is beyond honored to be one of the 332 total Distinguished Fellows and have the designation, DFASAM. For additional information about Distinguished Fellows (http://www.asam.org/membership/join-asam/asam-distinguished-fellows) or ASAM in general, please visit www.ASAM.org.


(One of Dr. D's most recent accolades which he is very grateful for)





As of June 2017, Dr. Doherty joined a special group of physicians as he was selected to be a mentor for the PCSS-O Colleague support Program.

For more info on this great collaboration, supported by PCSS-O, the AMA, SAMHSA and many more, you can visit http://pcss-o.org/colleague-support/mentor-directory/