Right Relief Health

When Only Suffering Is Left, Just Go Right

Right Relief Health is a practice based on fostering unique and individualized care by Dr. Dennis C. Doherty and staff. Encompassing multiple medical sub-specialties, Right Relief provides more than your average doctor's visit. We firmly believe in ensuring your personal comfort at each and every visit with the provision of the right care at the right time to better your overall quality of life. 

A Brief background...

Dennis Christopher Doherty is the Founder and Medical Director of Right Relief Health. He specializes in Anesthesiology, Pain Management, Hospice and Palliative Medicine and is an Addiction Specialist along with a Certified Medical Review Officer. Each and every day is unique at Right Relief as Dr. Doherty believes in the individualized and tailored care of patients. No two people are alike therefore treatment is always a partnership between physician and patient - one that is equal and requires input from the patient. Every day is full of knowledge and a learning experience as medicine is ever evolving and science rapidly advancing; to believe one knows everything in this field simply hinders the personal progress one can eventually make.