Right Relief Health

When Only Suffering Is Left, Just Go Right

Right Relief Health is a practice based on fostering unique and individualized care by Dr. Dennis C. Doherty and staff. Encompassing multiple medical sub-specialties, Right Relief provides more than your average doctor's visit. We firmly believe in ensuring your personal comfort at each and every visit with the provision of the right care at the right time to better your overall quality of life. 


If you're interested in becoming a patient at Right Relief or think that Dr. Doherty may be able to help you, the first step is to simply call our office (706-991-9865). 

We only see patients that have scheduled appointments and cannot accommodate "walk-ins". 

Your first visit, or consultation, will allow us to assess whether or not our services will be able to meet your individual medical needs and expectations in the context of medicine and our individual practice. Not every patient can be accommodated.

Our goal as a practice is to serve each individual person and to do so in partnership with eachother. At the same time we specifically tailor our care to patients - without causing shame, guilt or indignity - allowing him or her to once again return to a state of wellness and enjoyment of life.